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Indoor Solutions

Today, the regular indoor kiosks are much more than basic touch screens. vconn provides a product line that is stylized, interesting and incorporates the attributes that are included in outdoor: cameras, speakers, microphones, scanners, security sensors and more. We can also integrate lighting, logos and additional options. 

vconn is also one of the global leaders in LED display. We combine Screen Calibration Technology, Prism Application Lens Technology, Back-up System Technology, and 16 Bit Color Depth Processing Technology to provide turnkey display solutions to our customers. 


Information Kiosk

  • Overwhelming scale and transmission effect of ultra high-resolution HD images 4 times clearer than full HD images

  • Multi split screen mode availability

  • Flexible installation for portrait & Landscape


Custom LED Signage

LED walls as a digital signage could be applied to airports, shopping malls, casinos, brand stores and much more. 


Curved Display

Applications for Casino Machines, Arcade Game Machines and Exhibitions.

55inch Curved Portrait 5.jpg

Game Kiosk

Transparent displays, curved displays, and mirror displays can be applied to Entertainment kiosks that require special visualization.  


Music Kiosk

We partner with AMI Entertainment Network to provide Jukeboxes with unique features and style.

  • Interactive Jukeboxes

  • Professional Sound and Video Quality

  • Endlessly Flexible

  • Promote your Location


Mirror Display


  • Shopping Malls

  • Hotel Rooms and Lounges

  • Airports

  • Brand Stores

mirror display1_edited.jpg

Table Top Kiosk

  • Simultaneous up to 60 touch points

  • Multi-touch on Android up to 10 points

  • Compact size with high performing PC

  • Specially coated protection glass

  • Clear and high output of sound

  • Plug & Play


Photo Kiosk

The only partner for Apple Industries’ photo booth projects.

  • Green Screen Support

  • Touch Screen Navigation

  • Mitsubishi Dye-Sub Printing System

  • Customize Borders & Backgrounds

  • Customer Logos on Product

  • Dimensions: 70.25″ L 66.50″ W 90.00″ H 1,850lb


Transparent Display


  • Stores

  • Exhibitions

  • Museums

  • Casinos

Anchor 1

ALI6500DE Series


Technical Specifications

Smart Interactive Kiosk_LCD Display

  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 @60Hz

  • Brightness: 500~700 nits

  • Display Orientation: Portrait

  • Options: Media Player, Remote Control, Speaker, Swing, etc..​

Smart Interactive Kiosk_LED Display

  • Brightness: 800 nits

  • Display Orientation: Portrait

  • Options: Media Player, Remote Control, Speaker, Swing, etc..​

Spec Sheet


  • Please click HERE to download the 65" brochure. ​ ​


500 W Madison Train station_Chicago

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